Quick Update

No photos today, I’m afraid.  The good news, however, is that after a year of insisting that my camera was not at her house and accusing me of losing it, my beloved mother has finally found my big camera (at her house), so after I get that back this weekend or next the quality of my photos should drastically improve!  The three tomato transplants from the farmer’s market have exploded.  They are now taller than me and completely fill their cage.  Speaking of which, this experimental cage design is officially a failure.  It just doesn’t allow me to get into the center easily enough.  I think in the spring I will try something different.  There are still no ripe tomatoes, but some are starting to turn from green to pale whitish green, so hopefully sometime this week I will have ripe ones.  I just hope that we don’t get an early winter.  If it looks like it is going to freeze some night I will probably go pull all the decent-sized tomatoes and try to ripen them inside or something.  I will have to do some research on the subject.  I am continuing to harvest chard and I got some potting soil today so I can plant some more chard and lettuce on my balcony.  The broccoli plants are already far larger than they ever got in containers and I have I think seven or eight of those, so I should get a nice broccoli harvest.  I got my first green beans today and ate them less than an hour after picking, and they tasted AMAZING.  The only thing I put on them was a bit of salt and they still tasted better than any store bought green beans I’ve ever fixed.  It is funny, the last time I had tomatoes was earlier this summer and they were from either my plants or the farmer’s market, and the other day I tried tomatoes from Publix and they tasted like nothing.  Freshness really does make a difference!  Next post I will include some photos of my trip to SC this weekend where I made applesauce and went shrimping.  The applesauce was very successful, the shrimping less so, but it was still fun.  I was just happy that not too many of my casts were terrible!


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