Garden Update and Sprouts

So yesterday morning I went out to my garden with the intention of planting my corn, but I forgot a key ingredient: the corn seeds.  So I contented myself instead with measuring out my plot and found to my surprise that rather than being 12′ by 12′ as I had originally thought it would be, it is actually closer to 12′ by 19′.  I thought it looked a little squat but figured it might be 10′ by 12′, not actually much larger than I had thought.  So for that reason I will probably be going back to the drawing board as far as laying out my beds is concerned.  The corn, however, will be going in the same spot no matter what.  I laid out an approximation of the corn bed using bricks that have been sitting in my car for about two months now (they formed the edge of my garden bed at my last home).  Thankfully I was able to use a wheelbarrow to transport the bricks because it would have  been very tedious to carry them all from the parking area back to my plot.  I laid out an area that is approximately 8′ by 12 – 16″.  It isn’t very straight right now because the plot isn’t leveled off, but I went ahead and laid down a layer of cardboard then a layer of weedblock just to get that area started.  I will probably go out Saturday morning and work on leveling at least that side of the plot.  I was also very excited because when I went out to the barn yesterday the trainer has started a lot of improvements and there was some leftover old wire fencing that I will be able to use as trellis material and as a support to drape birdnetting or other things to protect young plants.  It is excellent that she is letting me have the old material for free, because a roll of similar fencing new at a home improvement store would probably cost over $50.  In addition, me taking it means it won’t end up back in the trash system.  Recycling, yay!  I intend to pick up that fencing along with a couple of bags of horse poop this weekend.  Here are some pictures of the garden as I left it yesterday.


Bed with cardboardThe corn bed with cardboard laid down to start the weed killing process.

Bed with weed block

The corn bed with weedblock laid down to help start the weed-killing process.

  As a side note, the cardboard is also recycled – I  cut up all the boxes from my recent move and have two boxes full of cardboard pieces that I will be able to use as mulch.

  On another note, when I came back from the garden I was very excited to see the following in my indoor seedling house.

Sprouts sprouting

It is somewhat difficult to see in this shot, but the left pots have sprouts.

  That’s, right, the experiment has succeeded on about half the seeds so far!  The marigold and broccoli seeds are all up, I am just waiting on the tomato and pepper seeds (which is not surprising, since they have longer germination times anyway).  I am letting all of the seeds grow for now, but once they get a bit bigger I will cut it down to one seedling per pot.  I was amazed by how fast the marigolds had grown.  One day there was nothing and the next there were inch long sprouts!

Marigold Sprouts

Marigold seedlings

Broccoli sprouts

Broccoli seedlings

Look for more updates soon!



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