Quick Update

So this morning I went out and continued the battle against the weeds.  There will be another co-op work day this Saturday and I am trying to get my plot mostly cleaned up by then, since there are a couple of compost piles that will probably be ready so I can use the compost to re-level my plot, since the previous gardeners obviously were row gardeners and there are huge dips and hills in my plot (not conducive to the raised beds I plan to put in, not to mention the dips turn into giant puddles in rainstorms).  My ultimate goal is to have my plot sit slightly above the surrounding ground level so that I won’t get rainwater build up.  Once I get the weeds cleared and the ground leveled I intend to put down a layer of the weedblock fabric across the entire plot so that it stays nice and neat looking.  Next time I go out there I need to remember to bring a tape measure so I can see where the exact boundaries of my plot are, since the neighboring plots are even more overgrown than mine and have no solid barriers.  Thankfully I have a bunch of bricks that I had used to edge my small strip of dirt at my last home that I can use to mark the edges of my plot, though I don’t have enough bricks to form a continuous line.  Today I got the rest of the pile of pulled up weeds from my first trip out there and got rid of some more weeds as well.  Here is a picture after I was done today.


Garden 08-08-13

Again, it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly a lot better than it originally was, as you can see from the next picture.

Before Mowing


  Other than that, the tomato seeds are still fermenting and I have been doing a lot of research on growing seeds from hybrid plants and it is really fascinating.  I have lately been leaning more and more toward going into research as a career path, and while I thought I would do equine research, it is possible that this might be an even better path.  The problem of course is that it gets a lot more into molecular biology than I have ever wanted to.  But that is years down the line and I am not changing my major again!  Still, I do wish I could grow more than one plant from this batch of seeds, since in all my research Sun Gold hybrid F2 seeds lead to a very wide variety of plants.  For example the Sun Gold is an orange cherry tomato characterized as having a “fruity” flavor, but people have gotten pink tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, different shaped tomatoes, dwarf tomato plants, and regular tasting tomatoes all just from the F2 generation.  It’s really very interesting stuff.  It is also fun to think that eventually if I grew enough of the F2 plants and managed to find one variety that I really liked then took that plant’s seeds, etc, etc, etc, I could eventually come up with my own variety of cherry tomato.  And really if I started with non-hybrid varieties of tomatoes I could go even faster with it if I cross-pollinated by hand.  It is really very interesting stuff, and of course it doesn’t have the ethical downsides of animal research.  Anyway, I just want to leave you with a picture of a sunflower on the plot across from mine.  It is the only sunflower that I have seen in the entire co-op.

SunflowerI really want to steal it and put it in water at my apartment, but A) that would probably be mean and B) there were two bees on it and I am terrified of bees.


One thought on “Quick Update

  1. dianemorey@q.com says:

    Hi I had sun flowers that came up from one I bought last year. Don’t know if they were from seeds in the pot or from the root. I had several blossoms and now have a few smaller ones. If I have one on Monday I will pick it and put on table for the book club meeting I am hosting. As well as your bricks to separate your plot from neighbor, you might check the 4-6″ high corrigated metal border at hardware stores and probably nurseries. It might come in plastic now. Might not be too expensive. Weed blocker is a good idea. I need it on the lower driveway where the weeds are growing through the gravel. Maybe I should just go pull them after the next rain.

    Just made a salad with couscous, black beans, corn, red bell pepper, green onion, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. I used the whole box of couscous so it has made a nice big salad to take to the Sister City potluck at 4:00. Now I will work on my ticket to come to SC in October. Will plan to see you somehow when I am there. Also need to give my plants a shot of water because I guess the drip system needs to be reset. I had turned it off because we had a lot of rain but now it has dried out.

    Tell me about your job. Love, Nana

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