So I have gotten the first few tomatoes off of my Sun Gold tomato plant and they have been delicious.  The other day I picked the first tomato off of my Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry tomato plant, and I think I should have let it ripen a bit more.  I was just too eager, since it has had green tomatoes on it for over a month.  Hopefully now the tomato avalanche will begin, but the plants have never gotten as vigorous as I would have liked.  There are a number of reasons why this could be.  I think one of the main culprits was that they ended up sitting in their closed box (I had transplants shipped from a nursery in California) for two days longer than they should have because the post office thought that when my instructions said “if not at home, leave at office” that that meant the post office when in fact I meant the front office of my apartment complex, so of course I didn’t see the notice that they were at the post office until after I got home from work, when the office was closed, and then the next day the post office wasn’t open, so the poor things, used to a life outdoors in the California sun, were shut in a lightless box for three or four days.  That was probably a run on sentence, but oh well.  Then, to complicate matters, we ended up having some very strange very cold weather after an extremely mild winter, so after the poor plants were put in their containers we ended up having a few freezing nights.  All in all, I will be happy with however much they produce since they did have such a rough start, but hopefully they will at least make up for their cost (though the transplants themselves were only about $5 apiece, shipping added quite a bit).  Considering that they cherry tomatoes you get in the store taste like nothing and run $5 for a tiny little box, I think I will easily make up the difference, especially since I already had the containers, the cages, and the potting mix from previous growing seasons.  Lately it has been storming a lot in the afternoon, so I haven’t had to water the tomatoes as much, but prior to the rain a lot of the leaves had started yellowing and developing little brown spots, though I’m not sure what the cause was.  I picked off all of the branches/leaves that seemed to have issues, gave each plant a dose of liquid seaweed, and am now trying to keep a closer eye on the plants so it doesn’t take over again.  Anyway, to wrap up this quick post, here is a picture of the tomatoes that I picked yesterday.


The smaller tomatoes are Sun Gold and the huge one is a Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry – so far I much prefer the Sun Gold, but that could be because I couldn’t wait to pick the Hartman’s Yellow Gooseberry!


One thought on “Tomatoes!

  1. says:

    All I have are blossoms but it is still cool at night here in Prescott so maybe next week some will set! Love, nana

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