Farmer’s Market

So today I went to a local farmer’s market and picked up:


1 mini bucket of cherry tomatoes (since my plants are not producing abundantly yet)

1 mini bucket of green beans (enough for probably three servings)

3 cucumbers

2 yellow bell peppers

1 ear of corn

1 canary melon


for the whopping price of $12.75 for the lot.


I am pretty sure that all of the above was grown locally.  When I go to farmer’s markets I try to steer away from things that I know weren’t grown locally (why would I go to a farmer’s market and buy California strawberries or South Carolina peaches when I could get them at a regular grocery store and they would be just the same), so my options on fruit are somewhat limited at the moment.  I don’t get why back in March and April it was strawberries galore and now there are no Florida strawberries in the farmer’s market at all…I mean, there are everbearing varieties, so I miss that, but today I decided to try something new and went to a stand that had only seedless watermelons, cantaloupes, and these odd yellow skinned melons.  They had samples out, and I really liked the yellow melon, which it turns out is a Canary Melon.  It is very interesting because the flesh looks very similar to a pear and is similar in texture, but the flavor is sweet and a little tangy.  I really liked it.  Now I am off to my mother’s house to get her to cut it up (fair payment since I will be going out to wash horses for her later this afternoon!), because the last time I tried to cut a melon, more of it went in the trash than in the bowl and I nearly sliced off appendages more than once.  Anyway, I also find it a bit funny that things like sweet corn and canary melons (which are supposed to be a late season melon) are already ripe here while in a lot of the country people are just now planting those sorts of things out!


Wishing you sun from the Sunshine State!


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