New Beginnings

So once again I begin a project.  I am one of those people who tends to pick things up and then drop them and then pick them up again and then drop them.  I have had a blog before, but it was short-lived.  I hope to be better about that this time, to provide updates on what I’m doing to my friends and family, and hopefully eventually to share recipes, knowledge, and learning experiments (aka failures and mistakes 🙂 ) with a wider audience as well.


For a while now I have been trying to improve my lifestyle.  I have read books and articles and blogs and watched documentaries and webinars all in an effort to understand what the ingredients are to living a better life.  I’m not talking about monetary wealth here, while that would certainly help; I am talking about my physical health, my mental state, and my impact on those around me.  And I don’t just mean the people that I interact with personally, I mean everyone.  


Growing up I tended to see the world in black and white.  Now I am getting to a point where everything seems to be in shades of grey.  I am really torn about a number of issues and I have begun to think much more about my place in the world and what I can really do to make a positive impact, however small.  


To get out of the philosophical and into the specifics, I want to lay down my eventual goals so that it is clear what I am trying to accomplish.  At the same time I want to outline some things that I am not trying to do.


Short Term Goals:

1. Get back to a healthy physical state – I say this instead of “lose 50 pounds” or “eat better” or “exercise more” because I believe that those statements set narrow goals and really what I want is not to weigh a certain amount or to be able to do a certain number of pushups but rather to just generally feel more comfortable and strong.

2. Finish my undergraduate degree with a 3.5 or better GPA.

3. Begin the process of living in a more sustainable way.


Long Term Goals:

1. Own a small craft business of some sort.

2. Live on a mostly self-sustaining farm.

3. Possess a library that rivals that of the Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast


What I am not trying to do:

1. Get up on a high horse and convince everyone that I am living the correct way and that there are no other valid ways to live

2. Claim that the techniques and recipes that I use in gardening, cooking, etc, are always going to work for you like they do for me

3. Trying to sell you anything


I think that this first post is long enough now, but I will be back tomorrow with a post about my plan for how to achieve my short-term goals as well as a little bit more background about me.


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Grandpa says:

    Hi Christine: So glad to hear from you and to learn about your blog. We will follow you with a great deal of interest.
    Love you,

  2. rusty booth says:

    Rock on, Christine. love Rusty and Jim

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